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‘Swimming by the Harbour’ show


Exhibits installation at the most hustle and bustle of the city

BALtrans is pleased to coordinate the local transit, storage and installation work for the ‘Swimming by the Harbour’ show for the largest shopping mall in Hong Kong. The forecourt of shopping mall was transformed into a 3D illustrated swimming pool where a total of six sculptures were placed.

The entire set-up requires the coordination of diverse parties including the organizer, the artists and our art handlers. BALtrans faces multi-faceted challenges – time stress, fragile surface of sculpture, heavy and bulky exhibits.

BALtrans is fully aware of the time limit at the first stage. The shopping mall is located on the spectacular Victoria Harbour, which is the landmark of Hong Kong. Being the most popular tourist attraction of the city, the shopping mall is packed with visitors all day long. A smooth and well-organized execution plan is prepared in advance. To minimize the disturbance to the visitors and shoppers, our team schedules the unpacking and installation in the midnight and the forecourt is temporary close off. All the unpacking and installation are completed as scheduled.

The six sculptures arrived from New York to Hong Kong one week ahead of the exhibition period and safely stored in our warehouse. The installation was executed with the aid of heavy equipment, which included cranes and trucks. The Golden Mean was the largest and heaviest of all the six sculptures and weighed 1,400 lbs. It stood over four meters high. The crane truck is employed to transport the crate to the forecourt. The crane lifted the sculpture up and installed into its final location in the swimming pool.

The other five sculptures have very fragile painted surfaces which are easily damaged. Our art handlers know precisely how to prevent scratching and marring during transport and installation.

Finally, all of them are dismantled and crated after show and transited to the next stop of the toured exhibition, Seoul, South Korea.

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