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Latest News

Installation of art pieces for “Master of Impressionism—Claude Monet” Exhibition


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sino-French diplomatic relations, Shanghai K11 Art Mall features 40 original Monet paintings along with 15 works by other Impressionist artists on loan from the Paris Marmottan Monet Museum during 2014. Claude Monet is the iconic painter of French Impressionist painting and one of the most influential artists in the art history. The paintings are high valued, fragile and sensitive, meaning extra steps for shock-resistance, temperature control and security during transportation and installation.


Named “Monet Project”, the project involved the full spectrum of logistics – from shipping to unpacking and installation of 55 oil paintings. Eight professional art handlers were committed to handle the Monet Project, overseeing the entire logistic process with due attention and respect. The managers also travelled to Shanghai, supervised the project and met the art director and museum curator. The team worked day and night, using leveling tools and positioning equipment to complete the installation. Expected to be the remarkable Shanghai art event in the year, the show opens from 8 March to 15 June 2014.

 Monet - Lile

Installation of "Water Lilies"


Monet - Japan Bridge


Remove all bracelets and wear gloves when holding paintings  

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