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“Taoist Cultural Relics Exhibition” Handled by BALtrans


According to BALtrans’ representative description, the packing materials is custom designed . Most crates for statues are custom-made with its own specification and dimension, with anti-shock layers custom-made to fit each and every unique art piece. Shockproof sticks are placed to fix the position of the statue inside the crates, giving the best protection against possible turbulences during travelling. “Bronze Statue of the Magical Te” “銅鑄神特” is the most well-known relics in the exhibition. Its unique figure combines the body of a mule, the face of a donkey, the ears of a horse and the hooves of a cow, all in one animal. One saying related to this statue states that the “Te” possesses the magical power of being able to cure illness. All a person has to do is to touch the corresponding site of their discomfort on the “Te” and their illness will be cured, touching its head to cure a headache, for example or its leg to cure pain in the leg. The net weight of “Te” goes up to 1,031 kg. When BALtrans team did the on-site placement, we placed 4mm thick black plastic material as the platform base on the display area. Then, we unpack the crates and hang up the heavy states with gantry crane from the ground. After pushing the gantry crane to the display area, “Te” is unloaded, placed and positioned well in the display area.


Taoism originated in China and possesses rich cultural heritage. Sik Sik Yuen would like to advocate that people should respect the harmony between humans and nature while paying respects to the tradition of Taoist etiquette and culture by including “The Significance of Taoism and Rites” in the exhibition name. 38 pieces of the relics are categorized as follows: Deity Sculpture, Ritual Apparel, Ritual Articles, Atmospheric Items of the Deity Hall and Altar, Offering Vessels, Scriptures and Printing Blocks Scriptures and etc. Some of them are even exhibited for the first time in Hong Kong, with “Auspicious Painting of Taihe Mountain (Manuscript on Silk) ”  and “The Scripture of the Primordial Beginning Celestial Worthy Describing the Trials of Lord Zitong and The Original Vow Scripture” are rare print and exceptionally valuable.

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